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Welcome to Lauren Brooks Life

Come on in, and find out how seasonal living can bring you the bliss and rhythms from which to live a more calm and centered life!

Lauren Brooks Life is where I write, speak and offer real life experiences through lifestyle classes + gatherings + retreats + curated products to help guide and encourage you to be more present and connected to everything around you. You’ll learn about how to garden organically, eat with the seasons, ground with meditation, transcend with sound energy, heal with nature, travel with intention, meet inspiring people and make seasonal wellness your new way of life.

It’s an authentic, exhilarating and transforming adventure into bliss! I can’t wait for you to become part of the Lauren Brooks Life community of amazing people!

With grace, love and bliss,


I Garden, Cook and Live in a Little Haus on a Lake!

At my little haus and garden on the lake in Phoenix, Arizona I grow organically, cook with what’s fresh from the vine, practice meditation and yoga, play crystal healing bowls, travel to feed my wanderlust soul, feather my nest with rustic Nordic design and often entertain a bevy of family and friends. 

I love living under the Sonoran sun! With vistas of red rock canyons, soaring saguaros and comida Mexicana there is no other place like it on Earth. I’m surrounded by a feast of stunning natural beauty, experience magical sunrises, sunsets and moon risings, garden 365 days a year and feel very grounded by the sacred soil below me. 

To be real though, had I not become a master gardener or landed at our little haus, over 30 years ago, looking out onto the water, this transplanted New England garden girl may have pulled up stakes or jumped right into the Grand Canyon a long time ago!

I’ve had an incredible journey - check it out in the About Me section. It was exciting, but landed me to an exhausted place. So, I took a “mid-life grace” at 54 to pause, rest and return to the me that was lost from years of grinding it out in the corporate and entrepreneur life, all while being the wife and mother to my Viking men – a beloved firefighter/football coach husband and two spectacular sons.  After I emerged, I decided it was time to fling open the doors to Lauren Brooks Life to share how this seasonal lifestyle can transform and heal your life, like it did mine.  

Come along with me to find out how you use the calm and patterns from the natural world to live a more authentic, meaningful and blissful life.  It is real and attainable, you just have to be ready, and open for the possibilities!

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Offerings from Lauren Brooks Life include Classes and Gatherings in:

Organic Gardening

Learn how to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs from the basics to success from soil to seed.

Blissful Life

Intentional gatherings, consultations and field trips to care for your mind, body and soul.

Eating With The Seasons

Learn how to nourish and nurture your body with what’s coming off the vine. Hands-on cooking adventures with foodies and cooks passionate about eating!

Private Groups

Customized themed programs for corporate/incentive planners and individual groups to experience “Seasonal Life Under the Sonoran Sun”.

Retreats to Bliss

Adventures away to relax and restore while exploring a place to eat + love + live like a local.



COMING SOON! Shop the Lauren Brooks Lifestyle “go-to-favorites” or from the rotation of unique finds from my travels around the world.

“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive”