About Leslie

Just One Girl on a Mission to Help People Capture Bliss Everyday!

I have known since the age of five that I would have dirt under my fingernails for the rest of my life!
The gardening journey began in Connecticut at my cold, grey New England home with a 4×4 plot and a fistful of seeds. When my family moved to Phoenix, Arizona all the green thumb goodness went bad. Discouraged with multiple gardening failures under the hot Sonoran sun, I gave up, went on with my life and focused on a corporate career in marketing and advertising. A family came next. Then the desire to raise my sons around vegetables, herbs, flowers and grow a juicy tasty tomato led me to gleefully become a master gardener through the UofA Maricopa County Cooperative Extension.

The awakening began and I devoted the next 15 years as a master gardener volunteer, conference organizer, and school garden advocate.  For ten of those years as the co-founder/owner, of Garden Territory, an organic lifestyle store and education center at the Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix. This led me to writing Plant of the Week articles for the East Valley Tribune for three years, culminating with testifying in Washington D.C. on how school gardens can transform a classroom.


As my boys grew and college tuition loomed, I stepped back into a corporate life as an international meeting and event planning executive.  I allowed it to consume me mind, body and soul.  Exhausted and ready for a change, I stepped away from all of it and fell into what I called a “mid-life grace”.  It was a beautiful time to just be – to recharge, restore and rethink everything - so I did!

What I’ve learned is that I really love to teach and am passionate about sharing knowledge and shining a light to help others blossom and transform.

This journey has led me to fling open the doors to Lauren Brooks Life – a lifestyle business dedicated to helping others capture their bliss every day.  This is where I write, speak, teach classes and workshops on organic gardening and cooking, entertaining and home, yoga, meditation and wellness. There are blissful lifestyle events, an offering of authentic bespoke travel adventures to places near and far, as well as, a revolving shop of favorite treasures that my friends and I adore to complete the full Lauren Brooks Life experience.


My wish is that through the connection here, you will rejoice in the sky above, be grounded with the earth below and find the fire within. Simply, I hope this an exhilarating place to open yourself to new ideas, options and tools to be the boss of your own bliss and live the life you want, no matter your age!

I see you, I hear you and feel you. I’m on fire – let’s go! I hope to see you engaging with the community of Lauren Brooks Life Gracers soon.


With abundant bliss, Leslie