Sweet Watermelon, Key Lime, Mint, and Flower Essence Infused Agua Fresca

Happy Fourth of July!

Since I feel like I’m the last person in Phoenix that didn’t flee to the beach or the mountains this weekend, you’ll find me and the Viking in our pool sipping some of this refreshing Agua Fresca Sandia made from sweet watermelon, key limes, apple mint and drops of Joy Juice flower essence!

I love to make this all summer long to have on hand especially when I’m bored of drinking the 1000th glass of water.

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Plant of the Week - Sunflower

A garden wouldn't seem like a garden without the radiance of this beloved flower. The sunflower comes by its name simply, with "helios" meaning "sun" and "anthos" meaning "flowers." It is a member of the aster family and there are over 70 species of this herbaceous plant.

Not only does this flower resemble the sun's shape and color, but the flower is “heliotropic” - meaning it actually turns to face and track the sun as it moves from east to west. I just love this part, but hold up! Even more cool is that this globally famous flower got its humble beginnings in the deserts of North and South America.

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