Harvesting Under the Strawberry Moon!


I follow the same rhythms as my gardening ancestors before me to look to the moon, sun and stars as signals on what I should be doing at my little garden by the lake now.

Under the full strawberry moon it is the time that all living things (including us) are at the peak of receiving electromagnetic energy being released by the sun and stars that flows into us like waves at the beach.

As the moon begins to wax (lessen) during the first quarter phase, the plants’s sap begins flowing downwards focusing this burst of energy on the roots of the plants.

This means plants that are root crops and perennials living more than a few years are best nurtured now.

It is also an ideal time to:

  • Apply solid fertilizers - I’ll be adding layers of mulch to protect my plants roots from the hot summer sun and earthworm castings packed with minerals that are essential for plant health and growth.

  • Increase water - June is typically the driest month in the low desert so, watch your plants and increase water as they temps spike.

  • Plant - sweet potato transplants as well as sunflower and Armenian cucumber seeds. (There will be more in July!)

  • Prune dormant plants and dividing bulbs - I’m trimming back the dead green leaves of my paperwhite (narcissus) bulbs that are in pots and removing the water source to get them ready for their long summer nap. It is also time to trim your palms when flower spathes show and dead head any spent blooms on your perennials and annuals.

  • Harvest - The hollyhocks and queen anne’s lace blooms are faded, the stalks are brown and the seed pods are set, so I’m trimming away the stalks, broadcasting and harvesting the seeds. I will also harvest eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs for my solstice summer basket.

  • Plan - now is the time to think about what you want to plant in your fall and winter garden. Draw your plans, order seeds and get ready for sowing seeds next month.

Enjoy the season of summer! Sending bliss and joy from my little garden by the lake!

Leslie HonakerComment