What's Growing this Summer in My Little Garden by the Lake

I LOVE Zinnias! They bring so much color and joy ALL summer long!

I LOVE Zinnias! They bring so much color and joy ALL summer long!

My little garden by the lake in Phoenix will soon be growing in 110+ temperatures on the regular as we head into summer.

The vines of Armenian cucumbers, tiger melons and blue scallop squash that I planted in May are wandering over the fallow patches were the leafy winter greens of kale, lettuce and cilantro once grew. Micro green sized seedlings of Thai, aromatto, and cinnamon basil are picking up steam and will soon grow into large bushes between the riotous zinnias and towering sunflowers.

I used to let my garden rest in the summer because I thought nothing would grow in the blasting furnace from June - Sept, but I was so wrong! I found so many plants would thrive and survive here in the low desert.

I plant most from seed from my fav seed sources Floret Flower, Native Seed Search and Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. as well as from transplants grown here in Valley of the Sun from Jeff’s Nursery and Vilardi Gardens.

Here’s a list of what I’m growing in my little garden by the lake this summer. But I’m not done! I’ll be planting my monsoon garden in July (yes, July). More about this in a post I’m preparing for next week!

Cucumber - Striped Armenian

Basil - Cinnamon

Basil - Aromatto

Basil - Thai (reseed from last season)

Eggplant - Fairy Tale

Herb - Dwarf Garden Sage

Herb - Rosemary BBQ

Herb - I’itoi Onion

Herb - Onion Chives

Melon - Tiger

Pepper - Shishito

Pepper - Pimento (growing into its 2nd season)

Squash - Blue Scallop

Sunflower - Frilly

Sunflower - Panache

Sunflower - Ruby Eclipse

Tomatoes Cherry - Camp Joy

Tomatoes Cherry - Gooseberry

Zinnia - Queen Red Lime

Zinnia - Queen Lime

Zinnia - Benary’s Giant Salmon Rose

Zinnia - Senora

Zinnia - Mazurkia

For me, I capture bliss every time I enter my garden. Remember to do something each day to pause, and capture bliss too! It can be as simple enjoying a meal with friends, spending a few minutes to place pieces in a puzzle, take a walk at sunset, or spending 15 minutes with your child to do nothing, but talk or more importantly listen. It is never too late to become the boss of your own bliss. Do what brings you to a place of calm, wonder and excitement - you just have to reach out and capture it!

*NOTE: the growing guide applies to gardening in the Phoenix Metro low or subtropical desert with minimum temperatures of 25-30º F and 151-180 days with temps above 86º F.   USDA Hardiness Zone 9b, Sunset Climate Zone 13 and AHS Heat Zone 10.