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Life in Full Bloom - A Spring Series to Awaken your Bliss with the Rhythms of Nature thru Yoga, Sound, Flowers, and Nourishment

Join us for a series of gatherings to plug into a place where bliss reigns, hearts are open and your well-being is numero uno!  Imagine stepping into the wide arms of a group that will help you to grow into new places, manifest your dreams and support your journey to loving and caring for your body.

We created the Life In Full Bloom™ series to help you take that first step one month at a time over three months to offer you ways to:

·       slow down a bit

·       breathe in life balance

·       nourish your body

·       soothe your nerves

·       indulge your inner foodie

·       untether your spirit

·       guide you to transformation

Three gifted teachers are joining Leslie Honaker of Lauren Brooks Life on this adventure!  Kelli Watkins of Bhakti Yoga Seva, Katie Hess of Lotus Wei, and Natalie Valle of Love & Alchemy.  Everyone will be sharing their knowledge and providing effective ways to put into action what you’ve learned with rituals and resources.

We’re doing all of this by taking our cues from the rhythms of spring – the natural way your body wants to flourish and prosper.

It happens once a month this February, March, and April to help you awaken and sustain a vibrant life at our gatherings to:

·       Transform on the mat thru Yoga, Mantra, and Meditation

·       Uplift and heal with Sound Energy

·       Unfold luscious growth with Flower Alchemy

·       Nourish your body and belly with lush Foods from the garden

·       Replenish your spirit with sources of pure joy by Living with Nature

·       Harvest wisdom, share experiences and find support from a Blissful Community

THEN JOIN US FOR A CELEBRATION!  You can choose to add May as your 4th month by attending our “Once in a Full Blue Moon” retreat in Joshua Tree National Park – May 17-19, 2019.   If you take the full 3 month Life in Full Bloom spring series, you’ll receive a discount to attend this special gathering in the Mohave Desert.  Highlights include a chic chateau, epic sound bath and yoga experience in the world famous Integratron, sunset boho picnic in the desert and a full blue moon rising ceremony among the Joshua Trees. It will be an extraordinary time to celebrate the work you’ve done and set the stage to launch you into new ways of life and exciting endeavors!

Why Should You Do This?

1.     Each gathering combines focus on mind, body, spirit and belly.  No more running from place to place to gather information and inspiration – we have it all in one spot for you!

2.     You say you have no time? We hold gatherings only once a month, so you can squeeze this into your life simply.  

3.     Be mentored by professionals with credentials, some with years of experience and others just launching. These diverse voices from all ages of life (20’s-50’s) bring a unique well-rounded circle of wisdom, effervescence and guidance.

4.     This series is focused on sustainability. We want you to enjoy it, use it and let it guide you to transformation. You’ll find the content we share is practical, easy to fit into your daily life and budget conscience.

5.     And last, you become part of the Life in Full Bloom ™ community. You’ll gain access to our private Facebook group and email list to receive tips, motivation, resources, musings and updates from Kelli, Katie, Natalie and Leslie. 


The Details

1.     The series includes one themed gathering a month.  Each gathering is 1.5 hours to fit in between your life events of the day or evening outings.  You’ll have an experience with yoga suited for all levels, meditation, sound healing then gather in our circle of bloom for themed discussion ending with delectable bites and sips to awaken and return to life.

·       Sun February 24, 3:00-4:30 pm: “Self-Care Reset” at SoHo63 - Downtown Chandler

·       Sat March 16, 3:00-4:30 pm: “Warming for New Growth” at Lotus Wei - Central Phoenix

·       Sat April 13, 3:00-4:30 pm:  “Breaking thru to Expand” at Lotus Wei - Central Phoenix

2.     After each gathering you’ll receive an email with the Top 5 Things To Practice each month along with a video of the yoga practice to do at home, video of sound energy healing to use for meditation and the recipes from the gathering. 

3.     There is an optional celebration to your Life in Full Bloom journey by attending our “Once in a Blue Moon Retreat” in Joshua Tree May 17-19, 2019. Click this link for more details:

Fees for the Life in Full Bloom Spring Series:

  • $49 pp. for each individual gathering.

  • $45 pp. per gathering, if you register for the full series Trio of Gatherings by Feb 23 for $135 total.

  • $40 pp. per gathering, if you register for the series Trio of Gatherings + Once in a Full Blue Moon Retreat in Joshua Tree by Feb 23 for $120 total.  NOTE: The retreat is additional and a requirement for the reduced gathering fee. You'll receive preferred price discount of $575 pp. and a separate link to register for the retreat after you register for the series.

What Will You Learn

1.     A guide for self-care reset.  How to use self-advocacy as a way to self-love which brings clarity, focus and energy to change, expand and evolve.

2.     How to use “habit stacking” as a way to create, build and sustain new habits.

3.     How to use mantras and meditation to interrupt negative thinking, move past fear, harness creativity and tap into the life you want to live.

4.     Yoga asanas for specific intentions and results themed each month.

5.     How to use the elements of sound vibrations to enter a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

6.     Ways to eat yourself happy and healthy with vibrant foods that are simple, easy and delicious.

7.     The magic of flower elixirs, what they do, and why you should be part of the flowerevolution transformation.

8.    The power of a community to inspire, support and encourage you to flow with life to your purpose and bliss!